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Dynasty Jewelers in 925 Blossom Hill Road #1708

Dynasty Jewelers in 925 Blossom Hill Road #1708, California: consumer reviews, opening hours, driving directions, photos etc.



925 Blossom Hill Road #1708,
San Jose, California
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+1 408-227-9400

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Today: 10:00 am — 09:00 pm

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10:00 am — 10:00 pm
10:00 am — 10:00 pm

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Customer Reviews about Dynasty Jewelers:

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    1) My friend ordered a custom engagement ring from this store 7 weeks ago, and was informed by George the store owner that it would take TWO weeks to make the ring, to have it in time for his proposal. He did mention that usually it takes 3 weeks but ASSURED my friend that he would have the ring ready in time. This did not happen - on the day marking two weeks after the order was placed, there was no ring. Instead, the best George could do was provide a TEMPORARY ENGAGEMENT RING for my friend to propose with. 2) My friend was then away for 3 weeks, giving George and his cronies AMPLE time to complete the order - MORE in fact than the usual time that George himself stated that a typical order would take. Upon returning (after having proposed with the temp), my friend returned to Dynasty Jewelers to pick up his ring. FIVE weeks after the order had been placed, the ring was STILL NOT READY. Without having any justification for this delay, George then stated that he would contact my friend 2 days later, a Tuesday, to give him a status update. 3) George did not call. Instead, on Thursday, having waited patiently (and futilely) for a call, my friend contacted George, who requested an ADDITIONAL 2 day delay, assuring my friend that the ring would be ready on Saturday, after he completed another order. On Saturday, with George mumbled an excuse about sick workers, and again promised to have the ring ready by Monday - i.e. ANOTHER 2 day delay. 4) At 5pm on Monday, the deadline set by George himself, I went with my friend to Dynasty Jewelers. The ring was not ready. In fact, George stated that it was "not in a presentable state" - upon my friend insisting to see the ring, we were shown an unpolished ring without the side stones that were meant to be set. 5) At this point, George started describing how another of his workers had recently had a death in the family and was doing US A FAVOUR by completing the ring that was now SEVEN WEEKS in the making. George assured us that by 9pm, the ring would be COMPLETED. 6) At this point, after seven weeks of waiting, my friend consulted with his fiancee as to whether they wanted to continue doing business with Dynasty Jewelers - seven weeks after the order had been placed, without any significant progress having been made and only excuses being provided, it seemed futile to continue to wait. We then decided to return to the store shortly after our earlier visit to request that George cancel the order. George did not apologize. George did not attempt to convince us that the order would be ready soon. Instead, George told my friend that he was free to "do as he wished". When my friend requested a refund, George REFUSED. When my friend stated that he had now waited 7 weeks, did not have any product and was therefore entitled to his money back, George's exact words were: "Can I ask you a favour? You have said what you wanted to say, so please don't make a scene in my store". That is George's version of repentance. At this point, my friend has requested a chargeback from his bank on the order, having been assured by George that no refund is forthcoming. Instead, it is 7 weeks after he placed the order, 6 weeks after he proposed and a grand into the hole. Thank you George and friends, for taking away almost all the sentiment from this wonderful occasion. To everyone else, let this be a warning: when making important purchases, go to a place you can trust. This is NOT one of them.
    By A Google User, November 20, 2016
  • I took two pendants in need of wiring to Carol. She was able to complete the job in a week. Workmanship is fine and the pricing was pretty good too. If you are in need of jewelry, definitely seek this place out.
    By Maynard Baysinger, October 22, 2016
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Dynasty Jewelers is business services based in California.
Dynasty Jewelers is located at 925 Blossom Hill Road #1708, San Jose, California. You can find Dynasty Jewelers opening hours, address, driving directions and map, phone numbers and photos. Find helpful customer reviewsand write your own review to rate the business service.

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